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Food Pantry, Grande Totals and My Why

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Our Food Pantry Mission This summer, the Task Complete team picked up and delivered donations from individuals as well as several local businesses to make this year’s Stock Up for Summer the best ever!!! Why is this so important for me? Let me share. 😊
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Our Vacation Services Help You Enjoy Your Time Away

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Vacation Services in Bucks County Summer is literally around the corner, and if you are anything like my family, you already have your vacation plans scheduled. But, I bet you are stressing about the last minute tasks you need to complete to make sure you can actually LEAVE your home
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How to Use a Personal Concierge

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I often get asked how best to use a concierge, and how to delegate to a personal concierge service. In this video, I share 5 specific ways we help our clients right here in Bucks County PA! These are frequently requested services that our personal concierge team would be happy to assi
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What Can a Concierge Do For You?

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“How can a Concierge help me?” I want to answer a simple question that in all honesty is one of the biggest topics I have to approach over and over. It goes something like this… OK Kelly, I know I need help but I’m not sure how to begin? How can delegating help me and my family?
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10 Simple Ways To Get More Organized

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This is a great time of year to get more organized! Ok, seriously…when is it NOT a good time to get organized? We know that by being more organized in our lives, we not only save our sanity, but we save TIME and Money!!
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What To Do When You Are Maxed Out

Stop, breathe and ask for help. Did you get to have fun this past weekend?? Memorial Day weekend is the “unofficial” start of Summer… where people run to the mountains and the beach… find lakes and pools and fire up the grills!! This weekend I had to give myself a self-imposed “time o
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What Can a Concierge Do for You?

Since I started this business 4 ½ years ago, I have had to educate the marketplace and surrounding areas as to WHAT a concierge can do. When I first popped on the scene, I was numero uno… no one else like me. Good, because I was so unique. Bad because no one knew that such a thing exi
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Improving Seniors Quality of Life in Bucks County

Help at home for seniors in Bucks County/Help elderly at home/errands for seniors/companion visits for seniors in Bucks County/Elderly errand service in Newtown, PA/Senior Concierge Service/elder care services/
This past week I had one of the greatest experiences since beginning this business 4 1/2 years ago. I have done some very cool projects through our ‪concierge services… But this one really takes the cake!! This past Saturday, I sat with a local senior who wasn’t able to ph
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Top 3 Ways To Stop Overwhelm

Are you like the millions of people across the globe that feel overwhelmed? Do you feel as if life is just flying by and you’re never going to “catch up”? I’m the first to share, that I live a VERY FULL life!! I love it this way, but I also need quiet down time to reboot t
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Need Help Getting Started? Try These 4 Practical Tips

How do you get started when you just don’t want to? Here’s the problem. I’m pretty confident everyone in the world has dealt with this at one point in time or another… Doing something important when they don’t “feeeeel like it”. So how do you do something when you just plain don
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