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Quick Easy Ways to Decorate Like a PRO (Video)

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How to Decorate Like a Pro This week, we here in Bucks County had our 1st official snowfall of the year! It was really quite beautiful! And just messy enough to stay inside and get the decorating done!!
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Post Holiday Clean Up Tips

Now that the “big holidays” are past and we enter a time of planning and preparing for the year ahead, let’s start off the year with these Post Holiday Clean Up tips. As a professional organizer here in Bucks County, PA, these are tips and tools we teach our clients when we work with
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The Insider’s Guide to Simplified Holiday Prep

Getting organized for the holidays is more than just prepping and preparing gifts, cards, meals and the perfect outfit. This is a also a great time also to do some purging in preparation of all the abundance that will likely trickle in your front door between now and the New Year.
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Holiday SOS: How a Personal Concierge Can Save You!

The holiday season is now officially upon us!! This is the time of year we want so much to “do it all” and can often get caught up in the needs and desires of everyone around us … not to mention the mall crowds and traffic jams!!
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3 Things You Can Do Now To Prepare For The Holidays

It’s that time of year again – the Holidays are upon us!  How will you reduce the holiday stress and chaos while enjoying time with your friends and family? Here are 3 Things that you can do right now to prepare for the holidays:
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Top 5 Things You Can Do To Be More Organized This Holiday Season

Are you gearing up for the holidays this year? Does the chaos of the holidays overwhelm you instead of fill you with peace, love and joy? Below we will discuss some very simple but highly effective ways to plan and be better organized for the holidays.
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Getting Organized Daily by Bucks County Organizer

I’m often asked how I get organized while having an active family and running a successful growing business. In reality, my home is never “perfect”. For sure, my home is organized much more than the avenge bear, but with ongoing kids’ activities and the demands a business and family p
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Holiday Tips! My Interview on the Courier Times Update with Rachel Canelli!

You may think it’s too late to get organized for the Holidays, but as I explain in my interview on the Courier Times Update, it’s NEVER too late! The 3 tips that I recommend are: LET GO of the perfect Holiday. Whatever is perfect for YOU is what matters and will work. Make
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Holiday Stress Survival by a Bucks County Errand Service

Holiday Stress
Are you one of the 75% of people who suffer from stress brought on by the holidays? This time of year so many people gain weight, have ongoing headaches, argue with loved ones… All due to the stress that comes with back  to back holiday celebrations, shopping, party planning and
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