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Food Pantry, Grande Totals and My Why

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Our Food Pantry Mission This summer, the Task Complete team picked up and delivered donations from individuals as well as several local businesses to make this year’s Stock Up for Summer the best ever!!! Why is this so important for me? Let me share. 😊
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Task Complete Summer Wrap Up

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So Much Fun and Love This Summer with Task Complete! Summer 2017 is almost in the books and our team at Task Complete was busy helping families make the most out of their summer memories and time together. More of our clients had time for things that mattered—visiting family, relaxing
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Get Ready for Fall With the Help of a Personal Concierge

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How a Personal Concierge Can Help You Fully Enjoy the Fall Season Tomorrow is the pre-season home opener!! Can’t wait!! Are you a football fan too?? While it may still be mid-August and many of us are squeezing in as much of summer and vacation time as we can before the back-to-routin
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Personal Concierge Homepage Video Antics!

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Homepage Video Blooper Reel Is it just me, or has this been a week that has felt like Bizarro World? It was this long weekend thing, but half the world was off on Monday and the other half worked, so everything felt wonky!! (just me?) I have to admit I am ready to dive back into work
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What Help at Home Looks Like for the Busy Executive

Help at Home for the Busy Executive The past year, the team and I have welcomed dozens of new clients, many busy executives and women business owners into our arms. Each having their own needs and aspirations, each having their own “must haves” and “nice to” haves. But the one thing t
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Running Errands in Bucks County: Top 5 Grocery Stats

Need help running errands in Bucks County? Grocery shopping is one of those unavoidable tasks that takes up so much energy and time. What if there was an easier way? There are so many benefits to hiring a personal assistant to do your grocery shopping!
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3 Ways to Elevate Your Own Success

I want to ask you a serious question today… What does “success” look like to you? Is it a fancy car? Or very cool gorgeous red designer shoes? Perhaps it’s taking your business to 6 figures?? I want to share a story about success with you that I hope will help you change the way
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3 Things You Can Do Now To Prepare For The Holidays

It’s that time of year again – the Holidays are upon us!  How will you reduce the holiday stress and chaos while enjoying time with your friends and family? Here are 3 Things that you can do right now to prepare for the holidays:
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How Long Does Grocery Shopping Really Take?

Errand Case Study: I have been preaching for some time about how much time is ACTUALLY gained when you outsource tasks, but I was lacking the real specific quantitative data that some people would Loooove to see.  So a few Saturdays back, I set out as an experiment on a Saturday.
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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner.  Have you started thinking about a gift yet?  Need some suggestions? If you’re anything like me, you love beautiful unique pieces of jewelry and art!! So I wanted to share these creative treasures from my friend Deborah E. Myers, Founder
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