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Learning To Delegate Work For Faster Success!

Outsourcing is often a scary feeling, but done right, it can actually help you make more money! This excerpt was taken from an article on “Most entrepreneurs have great talents but many times they think they can do it all,” Sparks says. “That can re
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Run Errands Like a Pro

Top 3 mistakes you’re making when running errands: Ok some people will read this and be like “really…? Mistakes running your errands…?”
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Caring for Aging Parents

Helping a Senior Services Client
Caring for aging parents can place undue stress on you and your growing family.  There are times that you may have considered acquiring some assistance to help you and your elderly family member. But finding someone that you can trust to take care of your loved one the way that you wo
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Back to School Planning

Back to School Tips
I really hope you enjoyed part 1 of our Back to School Series where we discussed getting all our supplies early!!   Here, in Part 2 we will dive into a few tips to ease children (and yourself) back into a school year routine.     This is how “we roll” in my house! I liv
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Back to School Tips for Busy Parents

  Although August is a time to squeeze in those last weeks of vacation and to soak up the warm sun, it is also time to start planning for the change in your household known as Back to School!  Whether your children are starting school for the first time, the 6th time, or off to c
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3 Time Saving Tips for Social Media

3 Time Saving Tips for Social Media by Jen Phillips April                                                                                                             This week I have some quick tips to save time while being active in social media.  Our guest blogger this week is Jen P
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Preparing for the Family Road Trip

Vaction Planning
    Embarking on a Summer road trip can be fun but also very overwhelming, especially when multiple children are involved.  Boredom, fighting, car sickness and the inevitable “are we there yet?” are sure to test your parenting skills.  But here are a few tips to help make a
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Bucks County Errand Services

A day in the life of an errand service…                                                                                                      Sometimes people are unsure of what an established time management company can provide, so I decided to break it down for you today… Short
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Why it Pays to Hire Experts

Our guest blogger this week is Karen Jett! I am so excited to introduce you to her as she specializes in Strategic Planning ( Can’t we all use that?) She is here this week to tell us in her own words why paying for help is just what you need to get ahead… and how to discov
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Going to the Doctor’s? How to Be More Prepared.

This week I am reaching out to folks on a more personal note…   Working in healthcare for over 21 years and 15 of those as a Registered Nurse, I would like to help my readers be more productive going to the doctor’s office!   Navigating the healthcare system can
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