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Skip The Holiday To Dos … Have Some Fun Instead!

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Want to be less stressed this holiday? Doesn’t it seem like life just goes into high speed overdrive in December? Parties in class by day, at the restaurants by night. Potlucks at the office and the neighbors. Holiday shows at school and in the city. PLUS, you have to clean, and shop,
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How To Politely Say “No” in Business and Life

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Just Say “NO”. People are often afraid to tell their friends and colleagues no, but here is a simple way to stand in your own power and say “No”. This week, I created a 3-minute video where I will share the one key phrase that I use often when I need to politel
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5 Steps To A Better To-Do List

Many of us use a to-do list right?? It’s the one task that keeps us organized and busy all in one. But what I realized was that at the end of the day I would often find myself not making big movements forward, but making teeny tiny steps toward progress. Delaying the big outcomes! I w
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Help – I Have No Time for Anything!

Have you ever wondered why the hell we are so busy these days? In a world where most things are supposed to be “convenient” and “10 minute meals” we seem to have lost time. Am I the only one that feels that way? I think not.
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Busy Professionals Need a Break

Why busy families should slow down: More and more I look around and see parents and kids going on all 4 cylinders day and night… Sadly, it’s even happened in my own life!
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Everyday Tips For Busy Moms

It seems as if there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done.  But with a little bit of planning, and perhaps even adding in some delegation,  it is possible to stay on top of it all! Here are some helpful tips that every busy mom can use!
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Meal planning for the week ahead by a mom and business owner!

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Meal planning is one of the easiest stress reducing planning events you can do weekly! Whether you have children or not, being prepared is a simple strategy you can do at the beginning of the week (I recommend Sat or Sunday) to plan for the upcoming week. By doing so, you will save ti
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Time Management Tips for Working Moms

Are you wasting time? So many women today are among the work force.  Women are working because they have to due to financial security and more and more because they want to!  Many women today are working and climbing the corporate ladder, working in high position jobs and starting the
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What is a concierge you ask?

Let’s begin by defining the term concierge: According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, the term concierge is defined as : 1 : a resident in an apartment building especially in France who serves as doorkeeper, landlord’s representative, and janitor 2 : a usually multilingual hotel staf
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