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10 Simple Ways To Get More Organized

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This is a great time of year to get more organized! Ok, seriously…when is it NOT a good time to get organized? We know that by being more organized in our lives, we not only save our sanity, but we save TIME and Money!!
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Top 5 Things You Can Do To Be More Organized This Holiday Season

Are you gearing up for the holidays this year? Does the chaos of the holidays overwhelm you instead of fill you with peace, love and joy? Below we will discuss some very simple but highly effective ways to plan and be better organized for the holidays.
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Getting Organized Daily by Bucks County Organizer

I’m often asked how I get organized while having an active family and running a successful growing business. In reality, my home is never “perfect”. For sure, my home is organized much more than the avenge bear, but with ongoing kids’ activities and the demands a business and family p
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How to Save Time this Summer

Summer is officially here!! The ACs are cranking, the grills are smoking and the fire flies take flight in the sky… This time of year the days are longer, the kids are home from school and many of us try to take long weekends.  So of course, we want to get the most from our time for f
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Spring Checklist: Home Maintenance

Spring is the time to get out your checklist and work on things in and around your home. Here we gained valuable knowledge from one of our trusted contractors on how to best prepare your AC unit for it’s long summer use! As a personal concierge part of my job is to make sure tha
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Run Errands Like a Pro

Top 3 mistakes you’re making when running errands: Ok some people will read this and be like “really…? Mistakes running your errands…?”
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Everyday Tips For Busy Moms

It seems as if there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done.  But with a little bit of planning, and perhaps even adding in some delegation,  it is possible to stay on top of it all! Here are some helpful tips that every busy mom can use!
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Managing the Family Calendar

Busy Spring season have you stressed? Hold on to your hats, because Summer is right around the corner!   I know in my life, we are constantly invited to BBQs, parties, kids events, school events, graduations and the list goes on…  But there is a fine line between having lot
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7 Things You NEED to Know Before Going on Vacation by a House Sitting Specialist

House Sitting Bucks County PA
  The Spring and Summer are ideal times of year to vacation with loved ones and friends.  But have you ever left your home unattended for a week and felt a bit uneasy about it?  This is the #1 service we are requested to perform during the summer months. As a Bucks County PA hous
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Your Holiday Task List by Task Complete

Christmas Tree Decoration and Take Down
Here in Bucks County, the hustle and bustle of the holidays has begun. Santa has visited most of the towns which seems to be the unofficial kick off to shopping and holiday events.  Here at Task Complete℠, our clients are putting in orders for tree decorating, shopping, party support
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